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     Lenese Calleea Griffin resides in NYC, but from Chicago, IL, Lenese is an Apparel Production Manager Consultant and Fashion Designer, and she has a true passion for fashion! Lenese is motivated by educating and making dreams come true for other creatives, inspiring others, and creating new things.

    Fashion has always been her passion, and at the age of 10, Lenese’s Grandmother began teaching her how to sew, which stuck with her throughout her life. Lenese took her passion for fashion and got herself a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Fashion Design, as well as a Masters in Fashion Management and Merchandising. (FASHION FIERCE!)

    Lenese then took her talent and passion to the next level and created her own fashion line, called Calleea’Vatein.  Even though capital and manufacturing were Lenese’s initial business challenges, that did not stop her! Lenese still pushed through and got her business up and running!

    So you may be asking, what is Calleea’Vatein and what does it mean?  Lenese told us that it is actually a combination of her middle name and her my Grandmother’s name. She stated that her Grandmother helped her through school and helped her secure her craft. (Now that’s love!)


    “If granted the opportunity, I would work with Gabriel Union! She is everything and an inspiration to me. She has overcome many obstacles that life had thrown at her.”

    “My advice for anyone pursuing a career in fashion design is to, work or Intern for other designers and Learn the do’s and don’ts!”



    Calleea’Vatein is a line of ready-to-wear and accessories, that caters to women that enjoy quality, convertibly, shapes, colors and interesting details. Lenese’s clients have also ranged from many different backgrounds and economical statuses. Lenese told us that her ultimate goal for her fashion line, is for her to be able to walk down the street and see women in her clothing line, feeling confident and enjoying themselves.

    Her fashion line has been featured in many events and projects, such as: Raw Artist Brooklyn, Fashion Noir, Fashion Sizzle NY, Fashion on Film, and several other local Fashion shows in Chicago and New York! (Werrrkkk!)  That isn’t the last of Lenese, as she is working on expanding to the consultation business, to help others get their lines off the ground. (Dope right?)

    If you’re interested in purchasing Callea’Vatein, you can do so at: www.calleeavatein.us